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Toll Brothers City Living Green Roof – Philadelphia, PA

Green Roof

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stormwater Management, Surface Drainage, Sustainable Development, Rooftop Garden

During the spring of 2015 Toll Brothers City Living contacted Shearon Environmental to construct an extensive green roof at their 2400 South Street Building in the Graduate Hospital section of Philadelphia. This green roof would help offset the cost to Toll Brothers City Living from Philadelphia’s Stormwater Utility; which accesses a fee for the amount of stormwater runoff that leaves a site. Shearon Environmental worked with the designer, Roof Meadows, to develop innovative ways to keep the project on time and on budget. The 20,000 square foot roof was atop a 6 story building. This provided a challenge in hauling the material to the top. Shearon Environmental devised a cutting edge solution to transport the 220 cubic yards of engineered roof garden soil medium to the roof. A Finn machine, usually reserved for blowing mulch into large planter beds, was retrofitted and utilized to negate the need for a crane to be brought to the site to haul the medium, which would have added unnecessary time and expense to the project. In addition 110 tons of riverstone and 800 pound of sedum cuttings were used in finalizing the vision for the roof. The finished product marks a crowning achievement in Shearon Environmental Design’s continuing focus in sustainable development and green infrastructure.

Alden Park Apartments Formal Gardens Restoration – Philadelphia, PA

Formal Gardens
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Historical Research, Design, Planting, Finish Grading, Seeding, Irrigation, Maintenance

Following the successful refurbishment of a patio space outside of the historic indoor pool Alden Park Apartments and Scully Property approached Shearon to restore the formal gardens that were part of the Strawbridge Estate that originally occupied the property. Through years of neglect and a lack of planning, the overgrown garden had declined to the point where it was an eyesore on the property. Shearon worked with the owners to research archive photos of the space to determine the best plan for restoring the gardens for today’s uses.

Shearon restored the schist stone walls matching new stone and mortar to the existing materials. Shearon restored and re-laid existing flagstone paving, replacing broken stone with matching weathered flagstone. The existing pond was filled and planted while the statue was restored and reinstalled at an elevation that it would be visible above the new plantings. The rest of the gardens plantings were planted with both modern varieties of period plantings and appropriate contemporary introductions. The garden space and surrounding lawn were irrigated. The end product is a garden that is both a relaxing place for residents to unwind and a marketing asset to the apartment

Franklin & Marshall College Landscape Improvements – Lancaster, PA

New College House
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Planting, Finish Grading, Seeding, Maintenance

Working with a leading landscape architectural firms and through the difficult conditions of Spring 2011, Shearon completed the planting and landscape of the new residence hall at Franklin & Marshall under a very tight timeline. The project consisted of the construction of six rain gardens including the precise installation of over 5000 perennials each placed in the correct location so they can thrive in the rain garden environment. Shearon also completed the finish grading and seeding for the project and has been entrusted by the College to oversee the grow-in and initial maintenance of the plantings, ensuring the long term success of the project.

Keystone Property Group Landscape Revitalization – King of Prussia, PA

Keystone Property Group
656 -676 Swedesford Road
King of Prussia, PA

When Keystone Property Group planned the conversion of the office space to Class A, they turned to Shearon Environmental to revitalize their surrounding landscape. They wanted their scenery to complement their newly upgraded buildings. Their plans called for combining two buildings into one, with the construction of a new atrium space and grand entrance.

Shearon Environmental integrated different paving materials with a variety of plant textures, and incorporating Keystone’s different site amenities to create an entrance experience unique in the King of Prussia market. Shearon’s development plans included the blocking of undesirable views, opening up views of Route 202; re-orienting their parking lot for efficient site access, and accentuating new their company signage.

Once the design work was complete and an opening timeline envisioned, Shearon’s construction experts went to work expediting the plan. With only a few weeks before their grand opening as our timeline, Shearon coordinated the hardscape installation; we set up topsoil, installed irrigation, and established plant materials making modifications to improve their sites appearance.

The results were immediate with their occupancy increasing and high-profile tenants becoming anchors for their Valley Forge Office Center.

Raven’s Claw Golf Club Design/Build – Pottstown, PA

Raven’s Claw Golf Club
120 Masters Drive
Pottstown, PA
Design, Build & Grow in/Maintain

Shearon Golf worked closely with the developer’s engineer and land planners to develop this site. This plan was tricky as it involved working around the surrounding homes in this development to make an outstanding golf course.

The plan included: minimizing the holes with views of surrounding housing, eliminate the tunnel effect from the housing on each side of a hole, maximize the existing views from the lots, and capture storm water for irrigation, while placing a focus on safety.

Like the other golf courses that were built in the early part of the 20th Century in Philadelphia, Raven’s Claw Golf Club was to be laid out in existing woodlands. The woodlands features included: ravines, wetlands, streams, rock outcroppings, and meadows creating a scenic golf course with variety of holes, while reducing its construction costs.

Raven’s Claw turnaround time from design to construction was brief since Shearon Golf also built the golf course. Shearon’s expert shapers and managers crafted this project in less than 18 moths, allowing it to open ahead of schedule and saving production costs.

Shearon robustly grew-in the golf course and nurtured it to become one of the best manicured courses in the area.

Raven’s Claw has since then increased play each year since it’s opening, is the host of the Montgomery County Amateur – has garnered numerous awards including being selected in the Top 10 in Pennsylvania each year, and has become a favorite course of the Delaware Valley golfing public. Raven’s Claw was listed in the Top 100 Courses You Can Play in 2012.

Sandy Run Country Club Green Complex Reconstruction – Oreland, PA

Green Complex Reconstruction
Oreland, Pennsylvania

When Sandy Run Country Club was looking into the possibility of reconstructing three greens at the historic Philadelphia suburban club, they asked Shearon to put a price on a concept plan they had developed. After studying the plans provided, Shearon’s architects, working with the club, developed plans that better fit the character of the course, set more naturally in the environment and reduced cost. Through careful planning by the club and the cost savings provided by Shearon, the club was able to include work that was beyond the original scope of the project, while not going over budget.

After developing construction documents, Shearon team of architects, shapers and construction mangers worked closely with the club and the superintendent throughout construction, making field adjustments to efficiently make improvements to the holes where work was being completed. Shearon, working through difficult late fall and early winter conditions, was able to pull on large work force to complete the sodding of the eighteenth green in time for the project unveiling in Spring. In the end, the club had three state-of-the-art USGA green complexes that fit in with the rest of the course and were able to make much needed improvements elsewhere without asking the members for additional financial support.

Manufacturer’s Country Club Practice Facility Construction – Fort Washington, PA

Practice Facility Construction
Fort Washington, PA

When Manufacturer’s Country Club was looking for space to add a much needed practice facility to its prestigious Montgomery County facility, they turned to Shearon to provide the design and construction services. Shearon performed detailed ball flight studies and developed a design to minimize the need for ball netting while still producing a playable facility . Shearon’s plan for the learning center included terraced tee space, target greens that were designed to look and play like those on the course, and a new practice putting green and short game area.

Shearon’s shapers got to work on this complex and demanding construction project, including massive earth moving, detailed erosion control measures and major drainage installation. Shearon expertly completed all the tasks efficiently, completing the project before the crucial seeding window closed. Consequently, the club was able to open the state-of-the-art facility on time and today has a learning center that is used for the betterment of the member’s games.

Neumann University Baseball & Softball Field Construction – Aston, PA

Baseball and Softball Field Construction
Aston, Pennsylvania
Construction, Grow-In & Maintenance

In the spring of 2012, as they looked to develop the finest softball and baseball facilities in the Delaware Valley, Neumann University brought Shearon on board to complete the painstaking detail work that would make the project shine.

After earthwork was completed, Shearon performed the precise construction of both the baseball and softball infields, pitchers mound and warning tracks. Shearon also laser graded the fields, fine grading them for sod installation, installed irrigation and added drainage in key locations. Shearon’s sports field managers and golf course superintendent were then contracted to aggressively grow the fields in and have it ready for a fall grand opening. Shearon continues to provide maintenance services for the state of the art fields including irrigation management, pest and disease control and a fertilization program that keeps the field in top condition. Shearon continues to work with the University, identifying areas of concern and developing cost effective remedies such as targeted underdrainage and grow tarp installation that have the fields ready for play each spring.

La Salle College High School Baseball & Multipurpose Field Construction – Wyndmoore, PA

Baseball and Multi-Purpose Field Construction
Wyndmoore, Pennsylvania

When La Salle College High School constructed two multipurpose fields and a new varsity baseball stadium, they turned to Shearon, a long time partner of the school, to complete the painstaking detail work at the new facility.

Shearon designed and installed a complex underground drainage system that, due to the specified field grades, was installed at the tightest possible tolerances. Shearon also designed and installed a multifaceted irrigation system that includes a well more than ¼ mile from the fields, pumping and filtration system and watering schemes tailor made for each field. Shearon Sports athletic field specialists laser graded the baseball field and infield to less than a 1% grade, seeded and aggressively grew-in the 100% Bluegrass playing field in time for the following spring’s season.

Today, Shearon’s professionals provide a wide-ranging maintenance services for both the new fields and La Salle existing fields along with the entire campus.

Germantown Academy Athletic Facilities Reconstruction – Fort Washington, PA

Athletic Facilities Reconstruction
Fort Washington, Pennsylvania

When Germantown Academy began the process of completely rebuilding their athletic facilities, they turned to Shearon to design and install an extensive irrigation system for the new baseball, softball, four multi-purpose field, and open spaces. Shearon was also contracted to complete the painstaking finish work at the facility. Shearon performed laser and finish grade the fields, installed over 350,000 square feet of wide roll sod and seeded and aggressively grew-in two multipurpose fields. Shearon Environmental also seeded and stabilized over 15 acres of naturalized meadows, woodland edges, wetlands and remaining turf areas along with handling the installation of an extensive native landscape and design and construction of the rain gardens. Shearon now provides ongoing maintenance of fields including routine mowing services and specialty applications. The result is one of the finest, most comprehensive athletic facilities in the Inter-Ac League.