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550 Blair Mill Road Office Park

Hardscape Construction/Irrigation Design & Install

Horsham, Pennsylvania

A Montgomery County realty firm needed an outdoor overhaul for their 35-year old office park, and they chose Shearon Environmental for the transformation. Our landscape design team, superintendents and technicians value-engineered the plans and brought the sleek update to life.

One of the key upgrades was the removal of overgrown and declining trees. This would allow for more sunlight to warm up the space and support the health of a variety of annual and perennial plants. The lower growth habit of the new plants in turn allows an enhanced curb view, highlighting the property amenities to prospective tenants.

This multi-phase project spanned more than 6 months and began with the thorough demolition of the courtyard. We took out the old sidewalks and steps, patio, existing pergola, trees and plant material, benches and tables. Our crew proceeded to ammend the onsite soil and fortified it with composted materials to enrich the subsequent plantings. Once the area was clear it was regraded to create a clean, blank slate for construction of the new design.

Our landscape architects designed the Rainbird irrigation system to service multiple plant beds as well as the central waterfall fountian. The extensive hardscape design features wide walks and low seating walls which frame the fountain square and provide inviting common space. Roomy steps add to the ambiance of the space and connect to the new retaining wall at their base. The clean aesthetic carries throughout the site with the conversion of several fading mulch beds at the building’s perimeter to riverstone edging.

The finishing phase saw Shearon’s crews installing a broad array of grasses, shrubs and perennial plants to set off specimen trees such as the Japanese Cutleaf Maple and several large-caliper sweetgums. Paired with carefully placed landscape boulders, these beautiful trees soften the design and promise four seasons of color and interest.

Now complete, the courtyard has already generated renewed interest and enjoyment of the office park and promises a gorgeous reveal as its inagural spring draws near.

The View and Vantage at Temple University

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Landscape/Irrigation Design/Build/Maintain

Shearon Environmental Design has partnered with local developer the Goldenberg Group on dozens of residential and commercial projects in downtown Philadelphia. Working in tandem with the unprecedented revitalization of Temple University’s main campus, the Goldenberg Group unveiled plans to develop two “resort-style” student housing buildings on Cecil B. Moore Avenue. Shearon was selected for landscape installation and maintenance at their first site, The View at Montgomery. The community opened to rave reviews, and was named 16th out of the top 100 student residences in the country by J. Turner Research in 2018.

Phase Two of the master plan saw the addition of a second $199-million mixed-use development, Vantage. Once again, the Goldenberg Group put their confidence in Shearon Environmental Design. Working with an ever-changing schedule and fluctuating deadlines, our Voorhees team still delivered top-notch results.

Our landscape architects began by designing the spaces to sustain a variety of hardy plants that would thrive in the city environment. First impressions are key for visiting potential students and their families, so the site needed to reflect the excitement of the Temple University experience. Over 100 trees and nearly 2500 perennial plants were chosen to provide year-round color and texture. Added to over 550 shrubs and 2,000 groundcover plants, the landscape would complement the buildings and define the spaces surrounding them.

To ensure that the plant material would flourish, we screened, hauled and spread over 600 yards of our own quality topsoil. Using recycled materials reduced project cost while reflecting Shearon’s continuing commitment to green construction. Next our crew installed an extensive state-of-the-art Rainbird™ irrigation system. Wifi controllers relay programming via desktop or mobile adjust watering dates, times, zones and usage. The capacity for real-time offsite monitoring and emergency shutdown allows for both water conservation and protection of landscape investment.

In keeping with our green aesthetic, Shearon incorporated an attractive rain garden into the new parking island. Landscaping the plaza adjacent to Vantage rounded out our work. This common area, designed to highlight 40,000 square feet of retail space, combines roomy lawn with sculptural seating to provide an inviting social setting that is also safe and well-lit.

The View at Montgomery and Vantage projects allowed our team to combine practicality and creativity in a marquee setting, and Shearon is proud to have been a part of them.

The Irvine

Site Excavation/Remediation

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Shearon Environmental Design has enjoyed a dynamic partnership with Philadelphia-based Post Brothers for over a decade. We have been fortunate to be part of their transformative vision for urban multi-family living, and The Irvine project offered us a complex and challenging opportunity for the radical rehabilitation of a neglected area.

The building in the University City section of West Philadelphia has seen many uses in its 100-year history. As the neighborhood grew both above and below ground the area’s footprint became irregular and more complex. The 15-month project began with the removal of several tons of concrete, plant material, fencing and assorted debris. Safe operation of the heavy demolition and cleanup equipment used was Shearon’s top priority, and our experienced crew met each new challenge with ingenuity and determination.

Rebuilding the site’s infrastructure, Shearon’s crews excavated for and installed the underground stormwater management system. Our ICPI-certified hardscape installation technicians built the 60’ retaining wall, then created the common area courtyard and several private patios using E.P. Henry Eco-Cobble porous pavers. Shearon also installed individual porcelain pavers for the grill area flooring.

To enhance curb appeal and soften the building’s industrial lines, our planting crew added Valley Forge Elms to the front sidewalk. These hardy, disease-resistant trees are among the best for use as street trees because their mature size won’t interfere with overhead power lines.

Creative integration of popular amenities was the theme throughout the site, including community garden plots installed at the end of the common area deck. Irvine residents will be able to personalize them with their own flowers and vegetables while gathering with neighbors in the safe, well-lit area. Dogs can join the festivities as well thanks to a clean, secure dog park.

The Irvine Apartments provide a wealth of opportunities to enjoy outdoor life in an urban setting, and Shearon Environmental Design is proud to have been a part of bringing them to life.