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Intensive & Extensive Green Roof Installation

One Ardmore Place, Ardmore, PA

Rooftop Garden, Custom Irrigation, Green Walls

When Harkins Builders needed a top-notch team for a complex green roof install, they turned to Shearon Environmental Design. Working with tight deadlines through winter weather, Shearon leveraged multiple crews to work simultaneously on the 4th floor Intensive Green Roof, the 5th floor Extensive Green Roof and the parking garage Green Walls. 75 tons of lightweight aggregate were carried up by the craneload. Over 250 cubic yards of lightweight soil were installed via Finn 705 blower. Shearon’s company-owned heavy equipment and rigorous safety protocols ensured a smooth and safe process.

One of the highlights of this project was the challenge of putting together a custom-built autofill irrigation system. Shearon’s technicians collaborated on the design work to implement a unique system that maintains a constant reserve of 2″ of rainwater, automatically adding water from below as needed for optimum growing conditions.

In addition to the irrigation systems on the 4th and 5th floor roofs, Shearon also fitted the high-rise parking garage with 42 irrigated planter boxes. Filled with honeysuckle vines supported by grid trellises, these little green walls provide beauty and privacy for neighbors inside and out.

The 5th floor Extensive Green Roof that Shearon installed is sedum-covered. This moss provides natural insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs. Green Roofs are also effective for stormwater management. These benefits, coupled with tax credits and environmental advantages like air filtration and aesthetics grow from a true Green Build ethic. Shearon Environmental Design is proud to have been chosen as a partner for this work.