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Saint Gobian Corporation
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

The main lobby at Saint Gobian Corporation had grown monotonous and uninviting. Their plants were improperly pruned and foliage was placed in the wrong location leading to pest infestation and disease.

Shearon Tropicals moved quickly to identify the problems and put a plan in place for quick revitalization of their entire lobby space. We transplanted their existing plants to locations better suited for visual impact. We pruned Ficus trees to open up views and allow additional light under the plants creating healthier foliage. We added colorful distinctive plant accessories to their monotone containers, adjusted their existing plants, to add diversity to their lobby / gathering area. St. Gobain’s lobby now has a fresh inviting feel that immediately makes a favorable first impression.

Shearon Tropicals continually maintains the plant s throughout the Saint Gobian complex to provide visual appeal and ensure their interior investment will continue to grow for years to come.