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Toll Brothers City Living Green Roof – Philadelphia, PA

Green Roof

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Stormwater Management, Surface Drainage, Sustainable Development, Rooftop Garden

During the spring of 2015 Toll Brothers City Living contacted Shearon Environmental to construct an extensive green roof at their 2400 South Street Building in the Graduate Hospital section of Philadelphia. This green roof would help offset the cost to Toll Brothers City Living from Philadelphia’s Stormwater Utility; which accesses a fee for the amount of stormwater runoff that leaves a site. Shearon Environmental worked with the designer, Roof Meadows, to develop innovative ways to keep the project on time and on budget. The 20,000 square foot roof was atop a 6 story building. This provided a challenge in hauling the material to the top. Shearon Environmental devised a cutting edge solution to transport the 220 cubic yards of engineered roof garden soil medium to the roof. A Finn machine, usually reserved for blowing mulch into large planter beds, was retrofitted and utilized to negate the need for a crane to be brought to the site to haul the medium, which would have added unnecessary time and expense to the project. In addition 110 tons of riverstone and 800 pound of sedum cuttings were used in finalizing the vision for the roof. The finished product marks a crowning achievement in Shearon Environmental Design’s continuing focus in sustainable development and green infrastructure.