Private Residence, Rittenhouse Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA
Urban Oasis: Transforming a Philadelphia Residence with Exterior Living Wall and Green Roof

This Private Residence in Rittenhouse Philadelphia sought to enhance its urban environment by integrating nature into its design.  Shearon Environmental Design, in collaboration with Hess Landscape Architects, undertook the challenge of creating an exterior living wall and green roof to not only beautify the space but also promote sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Scope of Work:

– Installation of a 26-foot-tall exterior living wall
– Implementation of a green roof with pre-grown sedum mix tiles
– Design and installation of irrigation systems for both the living wall and green roof
– Sourcing and installation of perennial plants for the living wall
– Ongoing maintenance of the living wall and green roof, including monthly visits for upkeep and care


1. Research and Planning:  Shearon Environmental Design and Hess Landscape Architects conducted thorough research to understand the client’s vision and the environmental requirements of the project.  They carefully selected locally-sourced materials and plants to ensure sustainability and suitability for the Philadelphia climate.

2. Collaborative Construction:  Shearon’s construction and interior teams worked seamlessly together to install the living wall, green roof, and irrigation systems.  Clearview Nursery in Souderton, PA, provided and housed the live wall system, ensuring the plants were acclimatized and ready for installation.

3. Plant Selection and Installation:  Hess Landscape Architects & The Interior team from Shearon Environmental Design curated a selection of perennial plants for the living wall, considering aesthetics, growth patterns, and maintenance requirements.  These plants were then carefully installed to create a visually stunning vertical garden.

4. Green Roof Installation:  Pre-grown sedum mix tiles sourced from Live Roofs were utilized for the green roof, ensuring low maintenance and environmental adaptability.  The installation process was meticulously carried out to create a lush, verdant rooftop oasis.

5. Ongoing Maintenance:  Shearon Environmental Design’s interiors team took on the responsibility of maintaining both the living wall and green roof, providing monthly visits for irrigation, pruning, fertilizing and ensuring the overall health and vitality of the plants.


The collaboration between Shearon Environmental Design and Hess Landscape Architects resulted in the transformation of the Private Residence in Rittenhouse Philadelphia into a thriving urban oasis.  The exterior living wall and green roof not only added natural beauty to the space but also contributed to improved air quality, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced sustainability.  With careful planning and ongoing maintenance, the project continues to inspire and delight residents and visitors alike, showcasing the potential for integrating nature into urban environments.