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Shearon Golf is a full service design/build company committed to providing the finest in golf course design, renovation, construction, and maintenance services.

Whether designing a new championship course, renovating a classic course from the past, or providing state of the art maintenance services for today’s courses, Shearon Golf’s dedicated team of design and construction professionals can address all of your golf course needs.One company able to provide design services that enhance the playability, aesthetics, and maintainability of your course…One company able to provide construction and maintenance services that are consistent, reliable, and cost effective…That’s the Shearon Golf Advantage.

Specialty Courses:

  • Practice Facilities
  • 9-Hole Courses
  • Residential Courses
  • Resort Courses
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    Whether designing a new championship course, an executive short course, or an innovative learning center, Shearon Golf has the in-house expertise to analyze the opportunities and constraints of the land and to design the finest possible golf experience possible. This means not only understanding the topography and natural features of the property, but also being fully aware of the development and economic goals of the client. Many times the intangible factors that influence the successful completion of a golf course development are difficult to identify. Shearon Golf’s multidisciplinary approach to programming and design was specifically structured to address this issue. Because Shearon Golf is a full service design/build and maintenance company, our design work is fully grounded in the practical aspects of construction, maintenance and management.


    Bringing a golf course to life demands a delicate balance between art, science and technology. Shearon Golf’s expert shapers and construction managers are sensitive to both accentuating the natural features of the land and the artful interpretation of architectural and engineering plans. The successful reshaping of a golf course requires painstaking attention to detail, efficient schedule management, and an eye towards long term cost containment…disciplines that only experience can bring. From beautifully finished bunkers with finely detailed edges to meticulously graded tee boxes, the skill and dedication of Shearon Golf’s craftsmen guarantees every construction detail will be faithfully executed to flawlessly complement the surrounding environment.


    Emerging from golf’s long history is a rich collection of pre-eminent courses and the architects who built them. Architectural giants such as Ross, Flynn, Thomas, and Gordon live on in their work. Although timeless in design, even a golf course created by one of these masters can sometimes lose its luster. Over-use, harsh environmental conditions, unchecked land development, or past mismanagement can eventually take its toll. Many times, golf courses simply lose their ability to address technological advances or to meet the needs of the modern player. Understanding that no one knows the course better than the membership itself, Shearon Golf works closely with club representatives to create renovation strategies that benefit all aspects of the club’s membership. Whether renovating a classic design to revive its original character or breathing new life into an outdated course through a skillfully executed redesign, Shearon Golf takes great care to balance the traditions of the game with the demands of modern technology.


    The maintenance of a golf facility affects not only the appearance of the course, but also the quality of the game being played … and ultimately the marketability of the entire golf facility. Shearon Golf’s certified superintendants, agronomists, arborists and dedicated labor staff can maintain a course at championship standards while delivering substantial cost savings to the owner. The economies of scale offered by Shearon Golf combines the expertise of experienced maintenance mangers with a storehouse of specialized equipment, proven machine maintenance procedures, and bulk purchasing of materials. The significant gains in efficiency and cost savings realized through this combination of services allows owners to achieve greater overall profitability while still providing state of the art maintenance standards and procedures.