Jefferson University Athletic Field

Philadelphia, PA
Renovate Athletic Field

Jefferson University’s newly renovated Raven Hill Athletic Field, a project brought to life by Shearon Environmental Design, is a state-of-the-art renovation ensuring top-notch playing conditions, efficient maintenance, and unparalleled aesthetics for athletes, students, and fans alike.

The Raven Hill Athletic Field renovation has left no stone unturned. The comprehensive project encompassed multiple aspects to create an exceptional sporting environment. With the removal of the existing grass, the field received a fresh canvas upon which to build an extraordinary arena of competition and passion.

To further elevate the quality of Raven Hill Athletic Field, the irrigation system and drainage systems were upgraded to meet the highest industry standards. This ensures optimal playing conditions no matter the weather conditions.

As part of the renovation, an impressive 95,000 square feet of high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass sod was installed, transforming the field into a visually stunning spectacle. The sod, supplied by Tuckahoe Turf Farms, produces exceptional durability and resilience, allowing the field to withstand the rigors of intense athletic activities.

But the renovation didn’t stop there. Shearon Environmental Design’s commitment to excellence extends beyond construction to ongoing field maintenance. With a team of dedicated experts, the field’s upkeep is in capable hands. Regular maintenance protocols are in place to preserve the pristine condition of the field, ensuring that it remains in peak performance condition for years to come.

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