Upper Moreland Little League Field

Upper Moreland Township, PA
Baseball/Multipurpose Field

A comprehensive renovation of the Upper Moreland Little League Field.  This project encompassed a meticulous plan to rejuvenate the entire infield, focusing on vital aspects of field grading, turf management, and specialized construction.  Shearon’s commitment to supplying all necessary equipment, materials, and labor underscores the dedication to this project’s success.

A detailed strategy was created in order to transform the playing surface.  The initial steps involve surveying, staking, and meticulously laying out the areas of disturbance to guide the renovation process.  Following this, the systematic removal of turf, precise stripping, and stockpiling of existing soil and mix set the foundation for a fresh start.  The regrading process stands out as a pivotal phase, promising to establish a uniform slope from the home plate to the outfield, ensuring an optimal playing surface for the Little League games.

Key components of the project include the strategic removal and subsequent re-sodding of specific areas, including 4’ outside baselines, 30’ outside the infield radius, and the infield square.  This approach, coupled with the utilization of tall fescue turf covering an area of approximately 10,000 square feet, emphasizes the dedication to precision and quality.  Furthermore, the installation of clay bricks at critical points such as the pitchers mound, batters box, and catchers box not only accentuates functionality but also adds a touch of finesse to the playing field.  Lastly, the adjustment of the irrigation line to accommodate the new dimensions of a 50’ x 70’ field reinforces a commitment to modernizing the field’s infrastructure for improved maintenance and playing conditions