Main Line Residence

Philadelphia, PA
Design, Planting, Hardscape, Irrigation, Bent Grass Tennis Installation

A commercial client of Shearon reached out to prepare a masterplan for the landscape surrounding his Main Line home.  This owner was looking to construct a bent grass tennis court, develop an arboricultural management plan for mature trees, expand on the outdoor living space, and upgrade the foundation plantings around the home.

Shearon’s design team put in place a Masterplan for the property that located the tennis court to preserve existing trees and reduce the earthwork required for construction.  Utilizing techniques from Shearon’s years of experience building championship level golf courses and specifically, for this project, golf greens; a plan for the tennis court’s soil profile, drainage, irrigation, and grow-in were implemented in the spring.  With an aggressive grow-in program, the court was able to be opened in the summer (ahead of schedule).  The following fall, the remainder of the master plan was implemented with tree removals, plantings, hardscape, lighting and irrigation all completed to transform the property in just six months.