Wickerfield Estates – Estate Homes

Blue Bell, PA
Basin Conversion and Planting

At Wickerfield Estates, Shearon was contracted to work with Hibbland Engineering Company on the basin conversion and planting.  Wickerfield is a high-end residential community in Whiteplain Township, PA.

The original plan was to work on the basin in its temporary setup.  Shearon then went in and made the final solution after stabilization.  This solution was centered around a 6″ pipe that was buried in an engineered soil medium, a form of a rain garden mix.

This pipe runs from one side of a basin to the other.  It is designed to accept ground water and allows for the water to be able to be disbursed and not directly run through the outlet.

Once the construction was complete, Sheron designed and implemented a landscape plan for around the basin.  This was done by dressing up the outlet structure with stone, trees and shrubberies around the perimeter.